Your Officers and Board of Directors

President: Mary Lou Pazik

Vice President: Judee Foster

Treasurer: Neta Garside

Secretary: Karen Smith

Director: Fadra Kyle

Director: Barbara Flake

Director: Kevyn Smith

Director: Sue Phillips

Appointed Positions and Committee Heads


Financial Audit: Kevin Beers

Bird Mart: Babara Flake, Neta Garside

Facebook: Fadra Kyle

Raffle: Fadra Kyle

Membership:  Mary Dixon

Newsletter: Robin Lamb, Sarah Juarez

Yearbook: Neta Garside

Refreshments:  Sue Phillips

Bird of the Month: Member Volunteers

Hospitality and Sunshine:  Bobbie Christinat

Website: Kevin Beers, Sarah Juarez

State of NV Resident Agent:  Vern Born